Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Highs and Lows

There can be no light without the darkness, no pleasure without the pain.

Most people who know me were probably tingled by their spidey-senses when they heard that I was lucky enough to be selected for the Globe Experience Project. They knew as did I that there might just be a cloud in front of that silver lining. They were right. Within a couple days of agreeing to write about these great looking bikes in exchange for the actual bike, I was looking at images like the one below.
It turns out that playing hacky-sack is hazardous to your health. At least to the health of your ACL and meniscus, especially for the kids with previously injured knees. After a couple visits with my friendly neighborhood orthopedist, I emailed Jess Meeks and told her that I was going to have to decline their offer. The reconstruction and rehab were going to take ~ 5-6 months and it seemed unlikely I would be able to have much in the way of bike experiences. Much to my surprise, the fine folk at Globe had a quick meeting and decided that they would follow through with their part of the deal as long as I found some way, any way, to write about my new bike. No problem says I!. So we're off. Stay tuned to this blog if you're interested in seeing "unusual" uses for a bike.

I just got word that my Haul 2 is built and ready to go. I'm heading over to Peak Cycles here in Golden this afternoon to pick that sucker up. I have exactly one week before I go under the knife, so it looks like with some help from a brace and my good good friend ibuprofen I'll be able to get some riding in. Woot! Woot!


  1. Have you considered amputation? Then you can clip into the other pedal with your remaining leg and get around just fine.

    Or if you can't afford that, maybe you can weld on a meat hook to the front of the frame so you can hang your bad leg out of the way and again use one leg power.

    Good luck on the surgery dood.

    Or just put the bike in your living room and hang laundry on it for the next 5 months. You can blog about how quickly clothes dry when spread out over the sturdy, built-in rack.

  2. Saying that you have an affinity for cycling would be an understatement and I understand the allure of a shiny shiny new bike, but please be careful and take care of yourself. Perhaps you can lend your Haul out to trusted friends and loved ones and have them take pictures of where it's been traveling-garden-gnome-style.

  3. Lojack: It's funny that you should mention that particular renewable energy bike application. That exact one was suggested to me. And anyway, as a former roommate, I'm sure that you realize that statistically, wet clothes are going to end up draped over that thing anyway.